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Established in 1959, Johnson Electric Group is a global leader in motion products, control systems and flexible interconnects. It serves a broad range of industries including automotive, building automation and security, business machines, defense and aerospace, food and beverage, home technologies, HVAC, industrial equipment, medical devices, personal care, power equipment and power tools. The Group’s business strategy is based on the twin pillars of providing “technology leadership” and being the “safe choice” for its customers. The Company supports its long term customers through complete product life from new product introduction to mature high volume production. Johnson Electric offers a comprehensive combination of application knowledge, breadth of technology, design engineering, manufacturing and logistics excellence. Our unique “Productizing Process” and the “Johnson Electric Production System” (JEPS) combine to deliver product differentiation and supply chain performance to our customers. The JEPS for each product is created in parallel with Research & Development to create a seamless flow from design to production, resulting in defect free and on time start-up of manufacturing. JE’s global footprint positions its engineering and manufacturing resources close to where its customers are doing their businesses. Engineering proximity with customers enhances collaboration and the creation of product differentiation. Local technical and customer support throughout the world increases the quality of communication, resulting in on-time project completion, scheduling flexibility and assurance of supply. The Group employs more than 39,000 employees and subcontract workers in over 23 countries. Its innovation and product design centers are located in Hong Kong, China, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Israel, Japan, UK and USA. JE has strong presence in China, with multiple manufacturing sites located in various cities, including Shenzhen, Beihai, Shanghai and Nanjing. The Company has established sizable manufacturing operations in Shenzhen where we hire 22,000 employees and workers. In 2016, JE Hong Kong was recognized as a Caring Company by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service and one of Asia’s Best Companies To Work For by HR Asia Magazine. In the same year, JE won 2 Gold Awards on Talent Acquisition and Employee Relations awarded by American Chamber of Commerce China HR Best Practices Management Association. The Group will continue to live its core values by attracting and retaining top talent in support of the Company’s ambitious growth strategy. Johnson Electric Holdings Limited is listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. (Stock Code: 179). Company Web Address: http://www.johnsonelectric.com Global Revenue: US$2.8 Billion in 2016 Number of Employees worldwide: 39,000 employees and subcontract workers in over 23 countries Corporate Headquarters: Hong Kong What we offer: Exceptional opportunities for talented employees to learn and grow professionally with rewarding careers. Dynamic and teamwork environment 德昌电机成立于1959年,是驱动子系统包括电机、螺线管、开关和柔性连接器的国际领先制造商。我们为许多行业提供服务,包括汽车产品、楼宇自动化及安保、商务设备、国防及航天、食品及饮品、家用设备,暖通空调、工业设备、医疗器械、个人护理、电动设备以及电动工具。 “技术领先”及成为客户的“安全选择”是集团的两大经营策略。我们为长期客户提供从新产品引进到大量投产的完整产品周期的支持。 德昌电机是集应用知识,专业技术,工程设计,优质加工和物流一体化的集团公司。我们独特的“产品化进程”及“德昌电机生产系统”能够为客户提供产品差异化优势及卓越的供应链服务。德昌电机生产系统使每一项产品的研究开发、设计到生产都能顺畅对接,使产品能够零错误、按期生产。 德昌电机的全球化战略是将其工程及生产地点建立在与客户接近的地方,从而增进双方合作,促进产品革新。本土化的技术及客户支援增强了彼此沟通,确保项目能夠按期完成、灵活生产以及保证供货。 目前,集团雇员包括合约员工的总数超过39,000人,分布于23个国家,并在中国香港、中国大陆、瑞士、德国、意大利、以色列、日本、英国以及美国都设有产品研发设计中心。 德昌电机在中国建立了多个生产基地,包括深圳、北海、上海和南京,其中深圳是德昌最大的生产基地,职工超过22,000名。 德昌电机始终坚持以人为本的人力资源管理理念,在2016年获得了由香港社会服务联会颁发的“商届展关怀”称号,同时也被亚洲人力资源杂志评为“亚洲***雇主”之一。同年,德昌电机获得由华南美国商会人力资源协会颁发的“人才吸纳配置***实践奖”以及“员工关系***实践奖”两项金奖。我们会一直坚持吸引和留住顶尖人才的核心价值,以支持公司宏伟发展战略。 德昌电机控股有限公司已在香港证券交易所上市。(股票代码:179) 公司官网:http://www.johnsonelectric.com 全球收入:28亿美元(2016年) 全球雇员:3.9万职工,分布于23个国家 公司总部: 香港 我们承诺: 为优秀员工提供学习和成长的专业平台和晋升机会,提供多样化的工作环境及良好的团队氛围。



5-7年 | 本科 南京-溧水区 09-19

EHS Senior Engineer

本科 南京-溧水区 09-19


5-7年 | 大专 南京-溧水区 09-19


5-7年 | 大专 深圳-宝安区 09-19

Lead Engineer (Stamping & Injection)

大专 深圳-宝安区 09-19


深圳-宝安区 09-19

Injection Lead Engineer/注塑主任工程师

大专 深圳-宝安区 09-19


5-7年 | 大专 上海-青浦区 0.8-1.2万/月 09-18


上海-青浦区 0.6-1.5万/月 09-18


上海-青浦区 0.8-1.2万/月 09-18


上海-青浦区 5-9千/月 09-18

Engineer- Field Quality

上海-虹口区 1-1.5万/月 09-18

Lead Engineer(Equipment Inspection)

深圳-宝安区 09-17

Senior Engineer (Testing)

深圳-宝安区 09-17


5-7年 深圳-宝安区 09-17


深圳-宝安区 09-17


5-7年 | 大专 深圳-宝安区 09-14

Lead Process Engineer (Medtech)

深圳-宝安区 09-14