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Headquartered in London, the HSBC Group is one of the world's largest banking and financial services organisations with over 4,400 offices in 71 countries and territories. The HSBC Group is named after its founding member, The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, which was established in 1865 and has had a continuous presence in mainland China. At HSBC, we aim to be where the growth is, connecting customers to opportunities, enabling businesses to thrive and economies to prosper and, ultimately, helping people to fulfill their hopes and realise their ambitions. Our current network in mainland China comprises over 170 outlets across more than 50 cities. With one of the largest networks of any foreign bank in mainland China and our extensive global connectivity, we are uniquely placed to offer our customers with a full range of specialised international banking and financial services. Our distinctive combination of comprehensive market knowledge, familiarity with business conditions in different regions, and close relationships with Chinese trade and investment corporations, not only enables HSBC China to provide specialised China services, but also creates an environment where people can develop a professional banking career focused on China. Our significant global resources and local knowledge enable us to develop a market-leading service that is setting new standards in terms of professionalism, innovation, coverage and quality. We're looking for the business leaders of tomorrow to join us on this exciting journey. Because one thing is clear – if you are looking for a large range of career opportunities, a diverse and globally oriented culture and the chance to make your mark from day one, HSBC will definitely be a good choice for you. 汇丰集团,总部位于英国伦敦,乃世界规模最大的银行及金融服务机构之一,在世界71个国家和地区拥有超过4,400个分支机构。汇丰集团全称源于其创始成员,始于1865年并从未间断在中国服务的香港上海汇丰银行有限公司。 汇丰立足增长型市场,建立联系帮助客户开拓商机,促进商业繁荣与经济发展,帮助人们成就梦想。 目前,汇丰中国已在内地50多个城市设立了超过170个服务网点。这一不断扩大的分行网络在内地外资银行中首屈一指。融汇国际经验和对本地市场的深入了解,汇丰中国独具优势,为客户提供广泛的银行和金融服务。 汇丰综合全面的市场知识、对不同区域业务条件的深刻了解,及透过与中国贸易和投资公司的紧密合作,我们不仅在中国提供了专业化的服务,而且为有志在中国银行专业发展的人士提供了良好机会。最重要的是拥有全球资源和本地智慧的汇丰,成功发展了多项领先市场的银行服务 — 为市场树立专业、创新和质量各方面的新标准。 汇丰中国热切期望未来的业务领袖加入我们这个激动人心的发展进程。最清楚的一点是,如果您正在寻找广阔而多元化的职业生涯,一个实现您万象雄心且面向全球经济高速发展的机遇,那么,汇丰银行正是您首屈一指的选择。 HSBC is an equal opportunity employer. We value the diversity of individuals, ideas, perspectives, insights and values, and what they bring to the workplace. Applications are welcome from all qualified candidates. Data held by the Bank relating to employment applications will be kept confidential and used only for processing applications. Applicants who are not contacted within eight weeks may consider their application unsuccessful. The Bank will retain their applications for a maximum of one year and may refer suitable applicants to other vacancies within the Group. 汇丰致力于提供平等就业机会。我们珍惜每个雇员的多样性,想法,观点,洞察力,以及他们对工作场所创造的价值。汇丰热诚欢迎来源于各方面之合格工作申请。 汇丰对于收集的相关招聘资料将给予严格保密,并仅用于处理工作申请。 如申请者在八周内未被联系,可将申请视为未获成功。 汇丰将保存其申请材料最多至一年,并可能将汇丰集团内其它合适职位空缺推荐给工作申请者。



1年 | 本科 广州-天河区 0.6-1.2万/月 01-16

金融服务专员 - 客户服务中心

中专 广州-越秀区 4.4-5.5千/月 01-16

金融服务专员 - 客户服务中心

中专 佛山-南海区 4.4-5.5千/月 01-16


3-4年 | 本科 广州-天河区 0.8-1.6万/月 01-16


广州-越秀区 4.5-6千/月 01-16


本科 广州-天河区 0.8-1.6万/月 01-16


中专 广州-越秀区 4-6千/月 01-16


中专 佛山-南海区 3-5千/月 01-16

金融服务专员 - 金融犯罪风险控制营运部

广州-越秀区 4-6千/月 01-16


中专 广州-天河区 3-5千/月 01-16

资深金融服务主任 - 泰语组

广州-天河区 0.8-1万/月 01-16


3-4年 | 本科 广州-天河区 1.5-3万/月 01-16

金融服务专员 - 诈骗风险管理

大专 广州-越秀区 4.5-6千/月 01-16


大专 广州-天河区 3.8-4.5千/月 01-16

金融服务专员 - 强积金热线

大专 广州-天河区 4-6千/月 01-16

资深金融服务主任 - 韩语组

无工作经验 广州-天河区 0.8-1万/月 01-16


大专 佛山-南海区 01-16

金融服务专员 金融犯罪风险控制营运部

佛山-南海区 4.5-6千/月 01-16


广州-天河区 2.5-4千/月 01-16


大专 佛山-南海区 3-4.5千/月 01-16