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MacGregor shapes the offshore and marine industries by offering world-leading engineering solutions and services with a strong portfolio of MacGregor, Hatlapa, Porsgrunn, Pusnes and Triplex brands. Shipbuilders, owners and operators are able to optimise the lifetime profitability, safety, reliability and environmental sustainability of their operations by working in close cooperation with MacGregor. MacGregor solutions and services for handling marine cargoes, vessel operations, offshore loads, crude/LNG transfer and offshore mooring are all designed to perform with the sea. www.macgregor.com MacGregor is part of Cargotec. Cargotec's sales totalled approximately EUR 3.7 billion in 2015 and it employs approximately 11,000 people. Cargotec's class B shares are quoted on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd under symbol CGCBV. www.cargotec.com 麦基嘉以全球领先的整体方案及服务引领海洋工程和船舶设备产业,其背后由强大的麦基嘉,Hatlapa, Porsgrunn, Pusnes 和 Triplex 众品牌及产品系列为支撑。通过与麦基嘉的紧密合作,船厂,船东及船舶运营商得以优化自身业务生命周期整体获利能力,安全性,可靠性和环境可持续性。 麦基嘉定制的整体方案及服务均旨在为任何海况中的货物装卸,船舶运作,海洋工程装卸,油气传输和海上系泊作业带来卓越表现。Designed to perform with the sea.麦基嘉是卡哥特科集团成员,2015年卡哥特科销售额约37亿欧元,全球员工约11000人。www.cargotec.com


Sourcing Manager

10年以上 | 本科 上海-虹口区 01-08

Legal Counsel

10年以上 | 本科 上海-虹口区 01-08

Contract Manager 合同经理

5-7年 | 本科 上海-虹口区 01-07
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