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New Wave Group AB is a 100% Swedish owned group company which creates, acquires and branding for the corporate profiling and consumer markets, mainly within clothing, accessory and premium & gifts. Funded in 1990, we have shown strong growth in sales and buying. Average sales growth for the period 1992-2006 is 39% per year. Now we are the market-leader of promowear and sportwear in Nordic countries and some of Europen countries. In 1992, the first Buying Office in Shanghai lunched, since then Shanghai Buying Office has shown a strong buying capacities to the group. As our Group company's business developes very fast, we are looking for the professional, energized teamplayers to join our Globle Buying Office in Shanghai, we provide the competitive working environment and carrier development plus the attractive package to the qualified candidate. Welcome to New Wave Group! (www.nwg.se)(www.okb.se)(www.craft.se)


Distribution Sales Manager 渠道销售经理

8-9年 | 本科 重庆 2-2.5万/月 01-14

Logistics Analyst 物流专员

2年 | 大专 宁波-鄞州区 6-8千/月 01-14


2年 | 大专 宁波-鄞州区 6-8千/月 01-14

Distribution Sales Manager 渠道销售经理

8-9年 | 本科 长沙 2-2.5万/月 01-14

Sr. E-Commerce Manager

8-9年 | 本科 上海-长宁区 4-5万/月 01-14

Digital Trade Marketing Manager

5-7年 | 本科 上海-长宁区 1.5-2万/月 01-14

Distribution Sales Manager

8-9年 | 本科 武汉 2-2.5万/月 01-14

Distribution Sales Manager

8-9年 | 本科 成都 2-2.5万/月 01-14


大专 深圳-罗湖区 4.5-5.5千/月 01-14


南昌 4.5-6千/月 12-21

Planning Leader APAC (Manager Level)

5-7年 | 本科 上海-长宁区 2.5-3万/月 12-05


2年 上海 6-8千/月 11-22


3-4年 | 本科 上海 6-8千/月 11-22
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