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Simmons is a leading manufacturer of a renowned brand of mattress, bedding, accessories and bedroom furniture sold throughout the world. The company was founded by Mr. Zalmon G. Simmons in 1870 in USA. Today, Simmons is a top mattress brand and being a leader in the industry after technological innovation and improvement for over 140 years. With numbers of patented techniques, Simmons undoubtedly represents the global highest standard of mattress production process and quality. “The real Simmons” still remains the best choice by royalty, celebrities and the world’s top five-star hotels. Simmons china is established in 2005 to market Simmons products in china and the products are imported from various locations around the world. The Simmons products are distributed through a network of department stores, dealers, company’s own retail outlets and institutional sales force to leading hotel chains. To cope with the business development in china, we invite high caliber candidates to fill the vacancy. 席梦思是全球床垫及卧室家具行业的领导企业。席梦思的销售网络遍布全世界。 席梦思是由Mr. Zalmon G. Simmons在1870年美国成立。经过了140多年的工艺改良和技术革新,已经成为世界知名床垫品牌之一。在拥有多项专利的同时,席梦思的各项生产工艺和质量更毫无疑问地代表着全球床垫行业最高标准。“真正的席梦思”仍是许多皇室、名流及全球众多五星级酒店的不二选择,成为床垫界无法被仿效的神话传奇。 席梦思自2005年起在中国推广销售从全球不同地区进口的席梦思产品。席梦思产品的销售渠道包括百货公司、经销商及专卖店以及高端酒店领域。 随着席梦思在中国业务发展的需要,我们诚邀优秀人才加入本公司。



1年 | 中专 上海-青浦区 3-6千/月 01-15


2年 | 大专 上海-黄浦区 0.5-1万/月 01-15


1年 | 大专 上海-黄浦区 0.7-1万/月 01-15


1年 | 中专 上海-闵行区 3-6千/月 01-15


1年 | 高中 上海-浦东新区 3-4.5千/月 01-15
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